Heartbeat Keepsake Jewelry

We now offer customized heartbeat jewelry for anyone! Is there anyone whose heartbeat you would like to have with you, always? We can capture the heartbeats of babies, children, and adults, and have them created into beautiful heartbeat keepsake jewelry. Give the gift of a heartbeat forever!


Original Heartbeat Necklace or Bracelet



Available in gold filled ($95), rose gold filled ($95), and sterling silver($79).


Heartbeat Pendant Necklace



Available in gold filled, rose filled gold, and sterling silver. Engraving on the back included.

Additional Pendants $45 (available with purchase of pendant necklace)


Expandable Heartbeat Charm Bracelet



Available in stainless steel, oval or heart. Engraving included.

Additional charms $36 (available with purchase of charm bracelet)


Heartbeat Bar Necklace and Bracelet


Necklace available in gold filled, rose gold filled, and sterling silver ($79 all).

Bracelet available in gold filled ($88), rose gold filled ($88), and sterling silver ($78).

Engraving on the back included.


Heartbeat Dog Tag



Available in stainless steel, ballchain necklace or keyring. Engraving included.


Photo Dog Tag



Available in stainless steel, ballchain or keyring. Engraving included.


4-Sided Oblong Pendant



Available in stainless steel, ballchain necklace or 3″ keychain.

2 engraved sides $59, 4 engraved sides $89.


Heartbeat or Photo Money Clip



Available in stainless steel. Heartbeat and text engraving $59, photo engraving $89.

*Click on any of the above images for a larger view*



Pricing includes your appointment and heartbeat capture.  The heartbeat capture is performed through a brief ultrasound performed by a registered sonographer at Meet Your Miracle Ultrasound.

Not local? Order your jewelry directly through HeartbeatKeepsakes.com!

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