It’s here! Custom heartbeat jewelry!

We are so excited to launch our new line of custom heartbeat jewelry!  This has been a long time in the making, but I think our expectant mothers and mothers at any stage will love what we have to offer.  We are now able to capture heartbeat images from babies, children of all ages, and adults to have them created into beautiful keepsake jewelry pieces. These are truly unique to Meet Your Miracle, so contact us if you are interested!

I was actually so excited for these, that a couple of the items featured on our website are mine!  This beautiful rose gold double pendant necklace holds the heartbeats of my boys, with their names engraved on the back.

And this sleek silver cuff bracelet features our entire family’s heartbeats (4 in total, including me and Jason as well as our sons).  We chose to have the phrase “Live, love, laugh” engraved on the back.

Finally, this necklace and bracelet display the heartbeat of the daughter of one of our clients who truly just touched our hearts.


The process of capturing the heartbeat is quick, painless, and safe! Our registered sonographer takes a brief ultrasound to capture the heartbeat which can be completed in our studio or in the comfort of your own home if you prefer. We are then able to have any of these jewelry items customized to that individual heartbeat. This one-of-a-kind piece could be the perfect gift for the lady in your life, or yourself if you’re like me!

More information and a pricing guide can be found here, or you can give us a call at 844.696.2229 with any questions!

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