Heartbeat Tattoos

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Heartbeat Tattoo Examples

I already did a blog post about our line of custom heartbeat jewelry.  We have truly enjoyed launching this line of jewelry for our clients who would like to carry their loved one’s heartbeat with them, always.  I should take a moment, however, to talk about where the idea for this jewelry came from.  It surely wasn’t an idea we copied from anywhere, which became painfully obvious when looking for jewelers to partner with!  Although, we found several options for generic heartbeat jewelry, we heard a whole lot of no’s to custom heartbeats before we were finally able to find a few jewelers who were able to bring our idea to life.

Our idea came from one of our clients who requested an image of the heartbeat of his unborn daughter for the purpose of getting a tattoo.  We were happy to give it to him, and we thought, why not also offer the heartbeats in the form of jewelry?  Hearing your baby’s heartbeat when you are an expectant parent is one of the most exhilarating and magical experiences.  Why not find a variety of ways to memorialize it?

This all brings me to the topic of this blog post.  Are there any loved ones’ heartbeats you would like to have created into a tattoo?  We can capture the heartbeat of anyone: babies in utero, children, and adults!  This can be an especially symbolic sentiment for heart attack survivors and survivors of all kinds to be able to carry your strong, enduring heartbeat on the outside of your body as well as on the inside.  The other side of this, of course, is to have this be a part of a memorial tattoo.  Four years ago, I lost what would have been my oldest child, a son.  Shortly after, I did get a tattoo to keep his memory with me, but I truly wish I would have had the chance to capture his heartbeat and keep it with me forever since I was only able to experience it for such a short time.  From survival to memorial, there are a million reasons in between for wanting a tattoo customized to your or your loved one’s heartbeat.  You choose the meaning that holds significance to you.

The Process is Safe and Easy!

Heartbeat captures are quick, painless, and safe!  The process consists of a 2 to 3 minute ultrasound.  The ultrasound is performed by our registered sonographer with a degree in diagnostic medical sonography, using a well-maintained ultrasound machine regularly serviced by an FDA approved service provider.

What is the Cost?

Our heartbeat capture package is just $25.  The package includes the capture of one heartbeat, a printout of the waveform, and the outline of the waveform if desired for you to use as you wish for your tattoo. You can take your image to any reputable tattoo studio and literally have it be a part of you forever.  Have more than one heartbeat to capture?  Schedule everyone at the same time, and get $5 off each capture when you have 2 or more.

Here are a few more ideas of different types of heartbeat tattoos you can get with a heartbeat captured through an ultrasound.  The possibilities are endless.  They can be integrated into a larger tattoo design or stand alone.  Talk to your tattoo artist to get an idea of what design you would prefer, and schedule your appointment with Meet Your Miracle to capture the heartbeat you want to carry with you forever!

Using the heartbeat waveform

Using the heartbeat waveform

Using the heartbeat outline

Using the heartbeat outline

As always, we welcome any questions so feel free to contact us at 844.696.2229 or contact us by email here

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  1. Hi,
    I lost my baby 3 years ago (to anencephaly) and on the anniversary of her due date I really want to get a tattoo of her heartbeat. For obvious reasons I cannot schedule an ultrasound. I’m wondering if you could create an outline of the ultrasound I already have of her. Let me know if that is possible. Thank you.

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