COVID-19 Statement

We want you all to know we are following state, local, and federal guidelines and recommendations to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are taking it seriously to keep all of our clients, families, and employees healthy. We are using disinfectant on hard surfaces throughout the day and in between sessions. As always, our equipment is cleaned with medical grade cleaners and linens changed between all clients.

Please help us by rescheduling if you have any signs or symptoms of illness, especially a fever or a cough. Please do not bring family or friends with you that have symptoms of illness. At this time, you may bring a maximum of 4 guests with you to your session. We are offering FREE streaming services to allow our clients to share their experience digitally. Keep in mind, COVID-19 is especially dangerous to those 60 and over or with pre-existing health conditions. Sharing the experience with them digitally may be the best and safest option. To comply with Ohio’s mandate, we are requiring masks for everyone 10 an older. We will have masks available for a small cost for guests that need one.

We will update this policy as needed, in accordance with guidelines from public health and government organizations.

Much love,
Jason and Nicole
Meet Your Miracle

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